Developing long-life, low-cost, durable batteries

The widespread use of lithium-ion batteries in the early ‘90s ushered in our current age of smart phones, laptops and electric vehicles.

And while still the lightest, most compact rechargeable batteries available, lithium-ion’s limitations in terms of capacity, durability and safety now stand in the way of new applications.

To break this technology roadblock, Siva Nadimpalli, assistant professor in NJIT’s Newark College of Engineering, is spearheading research that could lead to a new generation of high-capacity, affordable and long-lived batteries. Funded by a multiyear Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Dr. Nadimpalli is using innovative techniques to study the breakdown of materials and interfaces inside a working battery rather than examining them after they have degraded.

An expert in fracture mechanics (the study of how cracks spread in materials), Dr. Nadimpalli has also formulated mathematical models to predict how mechanical forces impact chemical reactions in battery materials.


NJIT Engineer Wins Grant to Advance Next-Generation Batteries

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Siva Nadimpalli
Siva NadimpalliAssistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Newark College of Engineering