Developing biomaterial inks for 3-D printing applications

Nowhere is the promise of 3D printing greater than in the field of biomaterials, and at the forefront is the work of NJIT’s Murat Guvendiren.

An assistant professor in the university’s Newark College of Engineering, Dr. Guvendiren and his team are developing “bio-inks” that can print cellular material to merge with existing live tissues. What’s more, these inks are fundamental to the biomanufacturing revolution.

Dr. Guvendiren is focusing specifically on creating bio-inks that can be “tuned,” or easily modified, to meet user-defined specifications for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. His aim is to enable surgeons, for example, to customize biomaterials precisely for the task at hand, be it the repair or replacement of skin, cartilage, bone or cardiac tissue.

Dr. Guvendiren envisions creating a library of bio-inks whose properties, such as stiffness, degradability or bioactivity (triggering cell growth), can be precisely adjusted by simply modifying the model that determines the makeup of the particular bio-ink.


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Murat Guvendiren
Murat GuvendirenAssistant Professor, Newark College of Engineering