Research Snapshots – Spring 2015

Creating Smart Coatings

Funded by and patented jointly with the U.S. Army, a technology developed by NJIT researchers causes paints and coatings to change color when exposed to high temperatures, delivering a visual warning to people handling material or equipment with the potential to malfunction, explode or cause burns when overheated. A related technology now in development would signal damage by force, shock,or exposure to dangerous chemicals or radiation.

Partnering With NASA

Instruments created by an NJIT-led team and now aboard NASA’s Van Allen Probes have detected an invisible force field thousands of miles from Earth. This shield, just below the Van Allen radiation belts, blocks “killer electrons” emitted by the sun and prevents dangerous radiation from reaching our planet’s surface.

Spurring Industry Growth

New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) is an NJIT corporation that applies the intellectual and technological resources of the university to challenges identified by industry partners. NJII comprises innovation labs that follow industry-led agendas. By aligning with and supporting critical industry clusters, NJII spurs product creation and enhancement, develops solutions for sectorwide and/or company-focused challenges, and serves as a catalyst for regional economic growth.

Mining Data to Improve Health Care

Electronic medical records (EMRs) hold unprecedented potential for large-scale analytical research. An NJIT professor is using data-mining to help uncover clinical knowledge on adverse drug reactions and improve the quality, safety and effectiveness of health care.

Fighting A Mosquito- Borne Virus

An NJIT team is helping fight the spread of chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus in the Dominican Republic. Innovative mobile technology delivers vital information about preventive care and disease management via cell phones to residents in rural regions that lack basic health services such as doctors, clinics and medications.

Keeping Drinking Water Free of Algae

Addressing issues that affect the drinking water supply, two NJIT professors have developed a promising, cost-efficient and sustainable technology using nanoparticles to rapidly remove algae from water.

Hatching Start-Ups

New Jersey’s largest and oldest business incubator, the Enterprise Development Center (EDC) at NJIT, supports technology and life-science start-ups as they develop, launch and commercialize their ideas. To date, the incubator has graduated over 85 successful businesses, and the current 95 companies in residence employ 800 people.

Detecting Disease in a Drop

NJIT researchers have developed a prototype of a “lab-on-a-chip” that might someday enable a physician to detect disease or virus from a minute sample of blood or other fluid.

Reducing Device-Driven Energy Consumption

The surge in power-draining electronic communication devices over the past decade has put new strains on our country’s energy supply and the environment. An expert in green communications at NJIT is developing innovative mechanisms to reduce energy consumption in optical and wireless access networks.

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