Rebuilding smarter and stronger after the devastating impact of Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy caused $70 billion in economic losses, but the storm has also unleashed a burst of smarter, more resilient design innovations for the future.

At the forefront of this work is NJIT’s Center for Resilient Design, housed at the university’s College of Architecture and Design. Established immediately post-Sandy, the Center conducts research and serves as a clearinghouse for expertise, ready-to-build designs, case studies and best practices. The Center is accessed by state and local leaders, business owners and residents living in areas especially vulnerable to flooding and storms.

Key players in post-Sandy recovery work include Thomas Dallessio, former director of the Center for Resilient Design, and Michel Boufadel, who heads research for the Center and is a professor of civil and environmental engineering. Within hours of the end of Hurricane Sandy, Dr. Boufadel received a Rapid Research Response Grant from the National Science Foundation to study the storm’s impact on coastal ecosystems and the best ways to restore New Jersey’s beaches.

In addition, Associate Professor Georgeen Theodore and her colleagues in NJIT’s Infrastructure Planning Program are part of a team implementing a plan called “Living With the Bay” in Long Island. Professor Theodore’s Brooklyn-based Interboro Team was one of six groups awarded federal funds for resilient design and planning in the metro NJ/NY region. With almost $1 billion targeted to projects in New Jersey and New York, the federal initiative, Rebuild By Design, promises to help fuel the ongoing research and design critical to the region’s future readiness.


NJIT graduate architecture program students showcased their ideas for a redeveloped Sea Bright municipal complex during a presentation at Borough Hall.

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Living with the Bay: A Comprehensive Regional Resiliency Plan for Nassau County’s South Shore

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Thomas Dallessio
Thomas DallessioFormer Director of the Center for Resilient Design, College of Architecture and Design
Michel Boufadel
Michel BoufadelProfessor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Newark College of Engineering, and Director of Research at the Center for Resilient Design
Georgeen Theodore
Georgeen TheodoreAssociate Professor, College of Architecture and Design, and Director of NJIT’s Changing Cities program