Researching ways to protect our water supply

Devastating droughts in the West, oil spills in the Gulf, lead-laced drinking water in Newark and Flint, Mich. Every story has lent greater urgency to the work of NJIT researchers developing technologies and processes to protect America’s water quality and supply.

NJIT Professor Michel Boufadel, an international expert in water contamination and director of NJIT’s Center for Natural Resources Development and Protection, is working with members of the oil industry to improve spill preparedness and response capabilities. His previous work included technical analyses and remedial strategies related to the cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon and Exxon Valdez oil spills. Kam Sirkar, who holds 28 patents and is a distinguished professor of chemical engineering, is applying innovative membrane-separation technologies to improve water-desalination processes and to remove pollutants from industrial runoff. And Mengyan Li, assistant professor of chemistry, is developing water remediation techniques that deploy microorganisms to biodegrade organic pollutants. His research also seeks ways to improve urban water-treatment methods by using nanotechnology to disinfect supplies contaminated with pathogens.


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Michel Boufadel
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Newark College of Engineering, and Director of the Center for Natural Resources Development and Protection at NJIT

Kamalesh K. Sirkar
Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and Foundation Professor in Membrane Separations, Newark College of Engineering

Mengyan Li
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science, College of Science and Liberal Arts